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Digital Renaissance Faire

Shinneyboo Creek Campgrounds

11820 Eagle Lakes Road, Tahoe National Forest, Nevada City, CA 95959, USA

This event has already passed by. Sorry.

Event Description

All Profits from this event will be shared with the Theme Camps, Artists, Workshop Coordinators and Collaborators. This is the premier event to celebrate the launch of the Perma-Culture Community Network( a network of alternative cooperators striving to function in a world where community is celebrated over consumerism.

The Digital Renaissance Faire will take place in the co-created country of Hedan which will be hosted by the beautiful location of Shinneyboo Creek Campgrounds, a lush and rustic campground in the Tahoe National Forest in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

A Community Building Educational Collaborative Art Festival and Campout
RideShare: Event code is DRF.
Pre-Register at with promocode RADDRF

Gate Fees:

Children 4-14: $40 each (Children under 4 yrs enter for free)

Dogs $20 each (must receive tag at registration)

Non-Carpooled Vehicles: $20 each

RV’s and Vehicles over 20’” $20 each

Ticket Purchase: $100 per person (ages 15 and up)

This five day Collaborative Festival has been produced by our community members and leaders. Join us in the lush woods of the Sierra Nevada Mountains as we celebrate the renaissance that is occurring in the here and now. This BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) event celebrates sacred economics through the gifting culture and utilizing community collaboration. 

:Four Villages representing the Four Elements:
:Over 30 Theme Camps: 
:4 Sound Camps including a 24hr Open Mic stage:
:4 Workshop Camps: 
:Art Galleries: 
:Fire Performers:
:Youth Village:
:Dog Park:

Presale Tickets Available:
Tier 1 - $60 SOLD OUT
Tier 2 - $80 SOLD OUT
Tier 3 - $100 SOLD OUT
Tier 4 - $120 SOLD OUTt
Final Presale - $100

AIR Village encompasses the clarity of our expression. 
Hosted by Barbie Death Camp (
Sound Camp: The Othership
Workshop Camp: Financial Liberation Institute (
Activity Camp: Remixed Ink
Activity Camp: MAP: Music, Art, Poetry (
Activity Camp: The Portal (
Restaurant: YUM Truck (

EARTH Village brings in the grounded nature of our quest to get back to the land. 
Hosted by the DRF Spirit Guides
Sound Camp: HookahDome (
Workshop Camp: Evolver (
Healing Space: Healing Sensations (
Healing Space: Sensuality Salon (
Activity Camp: SoulShine Elixers 
Activity Camp: 9Energies (
Activity Camp: The Village Library

FIRE Village celebrates our passionate exuberance for life. 
Hosted by: FLUX (
Sound Camp: Digital Apex (
Art Gallery: Leafy Green Gallery (
Workshop Camp: Rainbow Ranch (
Healing Space: Gifts of the Goddess Tea Lounge
Activity Camp: PyroClasticFlow (
Activity Camp: Sk8 & Create
Restaurant: Wood Fired Pizza (

WATER Village hosts the fluidity of our culture. 
Hosted by: Camp Happy Hour (
Sound Camp: Sustainable Bass Collective (
Workshop Camp: Rainbow Heart (
Healing Space: Polar Ambassadors
Activity Camp: TCA: Inversion Playground (
Activity Camp: Village Clothing Exchange 

All Profits from this event will be shared with the Theme Camps, Artists, Workshop Coordinators and Collaborators. This is the premier event to celebrate the launch of the Perma-Culture Community Network ( a network of alternative cooperators striving to function in a world where community is celebrated over consumerism.

This is a Private Event produced for us, by us. Please invite your friends. Help us make this festival OUR festival!

For More Information:
DRF Hotline: 916-WIRE-DRF
PCCN Website:
Event Website:
Ticket Page:
Facebook Community Page:
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PCCN Facebook Group:
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Those attending the Digital Renaissance Faire (DRF) agree to the following:
The TICKET PURCHASER, TICKET HOLDER or PARTICIPANT OF THE EVENT ("YOU") is a MEMBER of the Perma-Culture Community Network (PCCN) between the dates of MAY 21TH - 29TH. YOU voluntarily assume all PERSONAL or BODILY INJURY, SERIOUS INJURY, or DEATH which may occur at DRF. YOU assume all risk of property loss or damage. The LOST AND FOUND THEME CAMP is not operated by DRF. YOU hereby FOREVER release, discharge, and shall hold DRF, PCCN, Sopiago Springs and all PARTICIPANTS harmless from any claims arising from such risk even if caused by the negligent act, error, or omission of DRF or it's OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS, MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES or PARTICIPANTS. YOU MUST bring enough FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, and FIRST AID to survive at least FIVE DAYS in a harsh high-altitude desert environment. COMMERCIAL VENDING IS NOT ALLOWED. WEAPONS, FIREARMS, FIREWORKS, and other EXPLOSIVES are PROHIBITED. YOU agree to follow the TEN PRINCIPLES while at DRF. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE, Pack It In/Pack It Out event. YOU are asked to contribute to the event in some way shape or form. YOU are also asked to contribute ONE HOUR of CLEAN-UP in addition to cleaning up your camping area. THEME CAMPS, ART PROJECTS, and PERFORMERS are providing their art voluntarily. YOU hereby voluntarily assume all risk of injury or death arising from their operation or use. YOU and your image may be captured on film, video, or photographs WITHOUT your consent and compensation. YOU hereby appoint DRF and PCCN as your representative to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that DRF and PCCN have no obligation to take any such action. All vehicles are subject to search by DRF Gate Volunteers and Staff. Tickets are non-refundable, even in the event of cancellation due to weather, acts of god, or government intervention and other conditions beyond DRF's control. The ticket to the event is FREE and is only for PAID MEMBERS of the PCCN. The membership to the PCCN is a revokable license that may be revoked by DRF or PCCN for any reason. Use other than personal use of images from DRF or the name "Digital Renaissance Faire" in the title or anywhere in the publication or advertisement, is prohibited without prior consent of DRF or PCCN. DRF is not liable for acts of god, or actions taken by any government agency. Children under 18 are permitted ONLY when accompanied by a PARENT or GUARDIAN. If YOU bring a CHILD to DRF, YOU agree to these terms on behalf of the CHILD. WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP OR ARRIVAL TO DRF AT SOPIAGO SPRINGS, YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS LISTED HERE.

Map of Event Location
May 23rd, 2013  4:00 pmMay 27th, 2013  8:00 pm